Brief History

Tapovanam is a place for penances.

Having toured the length and breadth of India, H.H. Tridandi Sreeranga Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji (Popularly known as Kakinada Jeeyar) found a place called Tapovanam in the divine range of Himalayas south of Joshimath. ascinated with its tranquility and divinity, He initiated to create one such place for meditations and penances near Kakinada city of Andhra Pradesh ; And thus the Trust by name Sreemannarayana Tapovanam came into existence in the year 2001 as a boon to the people having spiritual way of life.
Spread over almost an acre but appearing as double of it, the Tapovanam just resembles the Siddhashramams of olden days of Treta yuga.Our Jeeyar Swamiji resides here in this Tapovanam only in a hut at the western end and enriches the divinity by His sheer presence.Nobody is allowed to reside here except for H.H. Swamiji and so, the atmosphere is very pure devoid of contaminations arising from the materialistic way of thinking.Visitors are allowed very discriminately so that there won’t be any interference in the divine thought process of the aspirants meditating.Strict silence is to be observed inside the Tapovanam. Neither fruits nor flowers are to be plucked by anybody for material needs.Once in a while Swamiji will be conducting mass meditation programmes involving thousands of devotees in this Tapovanam.It is not an exaggeration to say that Tapovanam is a real Tapovanam and there is no place parallel to it in our knowledge, for a serious spiritual aspirant.Followers of H.H. Swamiji come over here in turns and practise the spiritual way of life thus making best use of this divine hermitage.

Welcome to everybody who intends to reap the fruits of Tapovanam to come over and utilize the opportunities.

Phone No’s : 0884 – 2315355, 0884 – 6588107, 92466 96900, 0884 – 6691790