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H H Tridandi Sreeranga Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamy, popularly known as Kakinada Jeeyar born in August, 1955 is one of the practical philosophers of the present day society.He has become an ascetic (Swamiji) in February, 1993 by accepting the cadre of PARAMAHAMSA (SANYASA – the sainthood) in the holy pilgrim centre, Sreevilliputtur, Tamilnadu, South India.He has become an ascetic (Swamiji) in February, 1993 by accepting the cadre of PARAMAHAMSA (SANYASA – the sainthood) in the holy pilgrim centre, Sreevilliputtur, Tamilnadu, South India.He got himself relieved from the materialistic bonds of GRIHASTHA DHARMA (status of married life) in 1989 itself in Kolkotta, a metropolitan city of western India.Till then he was working as a manager of a prestigious nationalized bank in Patna, the capital city of state of Bihar, North India.   He entered into the service of said Bank in the year 1978 and was known for his sincerity towards his duty among his colleagues and as well as his superiors.   He completed his M Sc in Nuclear Physics in 1977 from Andhra University, Waltair, a coastal city of State of Andhra Pradesh, India and took up a research project in Nuclear Spectroscopy there itself under the able guidance of Prof V Laxminarayana, a noted personality in academic circles and a student of the great saint cum scientist Swamy Jnanananda.He has won Swamy Jnanananda Gold medal for the year 1977 and he was the only research scholar awarded with CSIR fellowship that year in the campus.Right from the childhood he was known for his intelligence and ability to get the things done as per his preferred choice.His father, Kalvapudi Saranyacharya Swamy and mother Seethamma hail from orthodox Hindu families belonging to Sree Vyshnava cult, Tengalai sect.

Sreeman Saranyacharya swamy was a scholar by himself and was having sound knowledge of languages Telugu, Sanskrit and Tamil in addition to the various scriptures of Indian Philosophy. He was very well known for his soft nature and a radiant personality among his friends, colleagues and relatives.He worked for a long time as Grade I Telugu pandit (Scholar) in Zilla parishad Schools and was one of the best teachers of his time. Our Jeeyar Swamy is the eldest of the sons born after four daughters and was pampered by every one in the family right from childhood. His name at that time was Kasturi Rangacharya.After the Upanayanam (the sacred thread wearing function) in 1970, Kasturi Rangacharya was initiated with sacred syllable (Pancha Samskaarams) by none other than his father, Saranyacharya Swamy.Even though the parents and grandparents were very particular in following the Vedic stipulations to the letter in their day to day routine life and had never spent even a single day without the regular scriptural worship of idols of Lord, Kasturi Rangacharya paid least attention towards such spiritual rituals for the reasons beyond the expectations of a normal person, till he severed his bonds of married life and parental status in 1989 at the age of 33 at Kolkotta.Such act appeared as a miracle to everyone in the circles of his friends, colleagues and relatives and surprised one and all. Buddha’s way of renunciation was recalled by all.

 But, unknown to the outside world, a quest for spiritual knowledge and a full time practice was brewing in his mind since long, may be right from his early age and several attempts were made by him since 1975 to pull out himself from this materialistic life with obvious failures every time for one reason or other and finally the success came his way in 1989 when he was able to make a long leap into the world full of divinity.He toured the entire breadth and length of our country, India and visited many Ashramams (hermitages) stepping into a variety of spiritual practices of different cults and traditions. But none of them could satisfy his quest One fine morning while he was in the southern most coast of our country, the divine India, it dawned on him by the grace of the Almighty that he belongs to Him from time immemorial and his present body is just an alien.That was the turning point in the spiritual life of Kasturi Rangacharya and the huge loads of literature containing the essence and reality of life commenced presenting themselves at each and every occasion possible in the next course of his travel, making him strong both in theoretical and practical philosophies.

The Almighty further showered His grace on him and it lead him to several places for his spiritual practices, one of which was Santhi Ashramam of East Godavari District, State of Andhra Pradesh.Mathaji Jnaneswari, the spiritual Head of Santhi Ashramam was one of the main instruments of the Lord in metamorphosing Kasturi Rangacharya into Tridandi Sreeranga Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamy. Of course there were several turns before it actually happened but once the scientist became a saint, things commenced to fall in line quickly and Tridandi Sreeranga Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamy became  Peethadhipathi (the head of monastery) of Sreemat Upanishad Siddhanta Acharya Peetham in 1995.

   Thus the seed was sown and the tree started growing leaps and bounds in the shortest time possible.